Dubai’s world exclusive tram launch

This month saw the launch of the Dubai tramway, the first of its kind outside Europe. The month Dubai Tram rolled down its tracks would be remembered a long time in the Gulf countries for it is the first of its kind.

The ‘tram’, which Alstom has supplied, in its initial phase, is also a world first in what it offers its passengers such as air-conditioned stations, and different cabin classes, emulating the Dubai Metro in providing a gold, silver, women and children carriage system.  It has a platform screen doors, synchronised with the tram doors for additional safety.

The new service will cover 11 of the 17 station network.

The new tram is estimated to carry 27, 000 passengers each day, which is expected to rise to 66 000 in 2020.  It is this level of efficiency, and quality, which is allowing the tram to become an integral part of the new transport system in Dubai.

RTA Rail Agency CEO Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, has said; ‘The Dubai Tram constitutes a paradigm shift in the quality of mass transit means in the Emirate of Dubai as it contributes to easing the daily travels of community members.’

Not only that but possibility numerous opportunities that the Dubai tram now opened up and will open within the area surrounding its track lines.