The 2014 Top 10 Contractors in the World

Markets including the United States and Europe, which had been in the doldrums in recent years, have bounced back much more quickly than thought.  A survey of top industry leaders by global accountancy giant PwC pointed to Africa, the Middle East and Latin America as key target markets showing that it is not the GCC has not been the only area of the world in which construction reported an upswing in activity in 2014.

The specialised online press presented a ranking of the world’s biggest contractors by revenue, and their links to the Middle East region that will be reported in a later report.  The quoted figures have been taken from a classification of the world’s 250 biggest contractors by the US’s ‘Engineering News Record’.

Chinese construction giants dominate the industry, providing seven of the world’s 15 biggest firms and four of the top five.

  1. China State Construction Engineering Corp (2013 position: 1)   Revenue: $97.9bn
  2. China Railway Construction Corp, China (2013 position: 1)   Revenue: $96.2bn
  3. China Railway Group, China (2013 position: 2)   Revenue: $88.9bn
  4. China Communications Construction Group, China (2013 position: 6)   Revenue: $54.2bn
  5. Vinci, France (2013 position: 5)   Revenue: $54.1bn
  6. Grupo ACS, Spain (2013 position: 4) Revenue: $37bn
  7. Hochtief, Germany (2013 position: 7)   Revenue: $37bn
  8. Bouygues, France (2013 position: 8)   Revenue: $36bn
  9. Bechtel, USA (2013 position: 10)   Revenue: $27.3bn
  10. China Metallurgical Group (2013 position: 9)   Revenue: $27.3bn