Saudi Arabia’s New Cities

The four Saudi New Towns are :

  1. King Abdullah Economic City,
  2. Prince Abdul Aziz bin Mousaed City,
  3. Knowledge Economic City and
  4. Jazan Economic City

They require up to $67bn of investment, according to the Saudi Arabian Investment Authority.

The planned objective of these cities is basically to improve the national economy and eventually to raise the standard of living through the enhancement of the national economy, the creation of new jobs, the development of the regions and possibly the diversification of the economy.

Each city is being developed by the private sector around at least one globally competitive cluster of industries that should act as anchor as well as a growth pole for the respective cities and around which other businesses will be grafted.

Some details of these cities are below :

King Abdullah Economic City

Location: Built at a location off the Red Sea north of Jeddah in Rabigh

Focus: port and logistics, light industry, and services

Size: 168mn m²

Investment size: $27bn

Employment: 1mn jobs

Population: 2mn people


  • Modern world-class seaport – Industrial District
  • Financial Island – Education Zone
  • Resorts – Residential Area

Master developer: Emaar, The Economic City

Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaid Economic City

Location: On the crossroads of trade and transportation routes for the Middle East in Hael

Focus: Logistics, agribusiness, minerals, and construction material

Size: 156mn m²

Investment size: $8bn

Employment: 55,000 new jobs

Population: 80,000 people


  • Logistics & transportation Centre -Dry Port -International Airport
  • Petrochemical Industries centre -Business Centre -Knowledge Centre
  • Agriculture industries -Mining Centre -Entertainment Area

Master developer: Rakisa Holding Company

Knowledge Economic City

Location: Near the Holy Mosque of the Prophet in Madinah

Focus: Knowledge based industries with an Islamic focus and services

Size: 4.8mn m²

Investment size: $7bn

Employment: 20,000 new jobs

Population: 200,000 people

Project Components:

  • Educational / entertainment park themed around the prophetic heritage
  • Medical sciences and bio-technology centre
  • High-tech park – Islamic civilization studies and research centre
  • Multi-modal transportation center – business district
  • Major retail hub (souks) – Hotel complex

Master developer: Quad International

Jazan Economic City

Location: On the Red Sea in the South Western region of the Kingdom

Focus: Energy and labour intensive industries

Size: 100mn m²

Investment Size: $27bn

Employment: 500,000 new jobs

Population: 250,000 people


  • Industrial Park (will occupy 2/3 of the City) – Sea Port
  • Agriculture repackaging and distribution – Fisheries
  • Business and Cultural Centre – Health & Education Areas

Master developer: MMC International