Oman has finally got an automated car parking.  It is installed in a large garage in the suburb of Muscat and it has a 104 cars capacity storage.

Automated CP 4The automated system allows drivers to pull up and leave their vehicles at the entrance.  The robotic system then handles the car, sliding it horizontally and vertically to a predetermined slot.  The car is then left where it is safe and inaccessible for the duration of the parking time.

At the end of the parking time, retrieval would take no more than 120 seconds from the moment the owner decides to get it back.  Swiping cards at entry and exit are favoured requirement of the system for any in and out vehicle move.

IPARK is the company behind the system that became so popular that Anil Cherian, its general manager, says they have been contacted by other businesses in Oman and in the UAE on projects of carparks proposals on larger sites.  He adds that there was a most interesting possibility of developing an underground one because of its urban location.

“Customers have now realised that car parking is the need of the hour, and keeping that in mind, we are now designing many projects for more than 2,000 car parking spaces in Oman and United Arab Emirates,” he said.

It would be safe to imagine that this parking solution would definitely catch on in the GCC countries as all urban centres without exception do have problems of road traffic and parking and that although dipping slightly these days, urbanisation is still on the increase.