The Beijing Daxing International Airport in China, the Moscow Kazan high-speed rail project in Russia and the UK’s planned Garden Bridge are among the most innovative and fairly inspirational infrastructure projects developments in the world.  They are the Most novel Global Projects.

A professional services firm ‘KPMG’ produced report, that was compiled by a panel of industry experts, after analysing the challenges faced by governments and all related private sectors worldwide to financing and building projects found that public institutional capacity and capital expenditure pressures can be obstacles to infrastructure development.

The report recognised the growing importance of cities as engines of national economic growth.  It also found that rural infrastructure has also vital significance on social welfare.

Meanwhile the report noted that expanding human activities in urban cities and industrial factories are demanding more power and more water.   This is driving critical issues such as sustainability and resource scarcity to levels that are unknown until now.  In some countries electrical utilities struggle with a lack of grids; for instance there are regular power outages in India and Brazil.

Furthermore, water is either exhausted, over managed and / or very often polluted.  As climate change become globally acknowledged, the report says that efficiency and sustainability are having an even greater influencing bearing on design and construction.

It highlighted that developments such China’s Sky City skyscrapers “point the way forward to a greener future”, whilst renewables are growing in importance, with wind and solar power projects likely to proliferate and possibly become the norm and standard.

KPMG’s Report is advised to viewed for more details.