Western Province Capital giant projects

Saudi Arabia’s western town of Madinah is undertaking the execution and / or the planning of $133bn worth of buildings and infrastructure.

The huge developments will include the long awaited expansion of the Prophet Mosque, a Saudi official was quoted on Monday as saying: “Madinah is witnessing the execution of giant projects with a total value of nearly 500bn Riyals,” Mohammed Al Khatrawi, chairman of Madinah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told the Saudi Arabic language daily ‘Al Riyadh’.

He said they include a mega project to expand the Prophet Mosque at a cost of 70bn ($18.6bn), Dar Al Hijra housing and services project worth 55bn Riyals ($14.6bn), the Madinah part of the Haramain high speed rail project at a cost of 10.76bn Riyals ($2.8bn), the 25bn Riyals ($6.6bn) knowledge city and the expansion of Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Airport at 6bn Riyals (1.6bn).

He said another project involves the construction of a sport stadium at an estimated cost of 1.5bn Riyals ($400mn), one of 11 stadiums to be built across Saudi Arabia with a seating capacity of 45,000 people.

“Other projects include the metro, the bus transport system, town development, and construction of houses,” he added.