A LinkedIn launched in Arabic version was launched this mid-February of the website, in order to increase its presence in the MENA region.  The professional networking site has already over 14 million users in the region with two million users in the UAE, one million in Saudi Arabia and over one million in Egypt.

It is planning the launch of its Arabic version will make it to all regional governments reach further into their respective public and help business professionals generally in the region improve their business and job opportunities.

New users will register on the site in Arabic, while existing users can switch the language option to Arabic on their profiles, or maintain the same account in both English and / or Arabic.


Excerpts of the above site so as to water our mouths is below, please click on the link for further reading :

Say ‘Marhaba’ to LinkedIn Arabic

Ali Matar February 17, 2015

As an Arabic speaking professional, I know only too well the importance of conducting business in our local language. Language is, after all, essential to every aspect of our lives. We use it to inform the people around us of how we feel, what we want, and it helps us understand the world.

At LinkedIn, we understand how important it is for professionals to have a platform to communicate in their own language. And as LinkedIn’s very first employee in the region back in 2012, to be able to announce today that our members can now access LinkedIn in Arabic fills me with utter pride.