On the 1st and 2nd of December 2014, the 1st Economic Forum of la ‘Francophonie’, will be held at the ‘Centre International de Conferences de Dakar’ in Senegal.

Political and economic worldwide decision-makers will gather in the aftermath of the 15th Summit of Heads of State of ‘la Francophonie’ to discuss legal and economic measures, policies and investment projects that will transform the Francophonie in sectors of sustainable economic growth.  It is one of the strategies that had been recommended in the report by Jacques Attali in August 2014 on “Francophone and Francophile, engines of sustainable growth.”

The report highlighted the major economic opportunity that la Francophonie and the Francophile constitute for France and its francophone partners worldwide.  According to J. Attali, global competition requires to organize linguistic solidarity which allows also to increase the exchange of goods and services in high proportions.

As a reminder, all francophone countries represent 16% of world GDP and are experiencing a growth rate of 7%.  It is to be noted that the French language is now the fourth most spoken in the world, with an estimated number of speakers to 230 million people in 2014, or 4% of the world’s population.  These could be 770 million by 2050.

The forum of December major objective to possibly help the emergence of strong partnerships between investors of francophone and international spheres, in priority sectors, focusing on generating jobs and human development projects.