Egypt basks in the sun with GCC tourists

Egypt with tourists from the GCC flocking back is experiencing a significant increase in tourism, with some 195,257 visitors in only the first seven months of the year, compared to last year’s 101,925 at the same period.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) dedicated a campaign launched earlier this year and focusing on attracting Arab and GCC tourists.

As a result, there has been a continuous rise in the total number of tourists to Egypt each month; 5,162,970 tourists visited the country in the first seven months of the year, spread as at :

  • January : 617,993
  • February : 597,809
  • March : 731,849
  • April : 835,358
  • May : 745,301
  • June : 765,490
  • July : 869,530 and
  • August : 979,744

As can be seen above the curb is ascending and the country is gearing itself to possibly double these figures by the same period next year.

Among the visitors to Egypt in the first seven months of the year were 51,753 Saudis, 14,714 Kuwaitis and 5704 Emiratis.

The current growth in the tourism industry is largely attributed to the recent security and political stability in Egypt, particularly high in Egypt’s key tourist spots. Pyramids 2