Egypt is planning a large increase in the enrolment of international students in its higher education institutions in the next three years, from 53,000 to 200,000 helping it become an Egypt as regional hub for African and Arab students.

The new Egyptian international student recruitment strategy was approved on 25 January 2015 and will focus on developing plans and activities to improve the country’s international and regional higher education profile and on enhancing teaching, research and residence infrastructure on campuses.

Universities will need to improve their research profiles by focusing on high-need research areas and expanding collaborations and partnerships with regional research centres and higher education institutions.

Egypt already has one of the largest populations of students at universities in the Arab region – 23 public universities with about two million students and 19 private universities with about 60,000 students – and potential students from Arab and African countries will enjoy the low travel costs and cultural familiarity.

100 top Universties in Africa

According to 2014 Best Arab Region Universities Rankings, Egypt is the top-performing country, with 21 universities in the overall rankings, accounting for 23.1% of all the ranked institutions. Egypt has also eight universities among the top 50 Arab universities, according to the 2014 QS Arab Region University Rankings.

That said, as noted in a University World News article by Wagdy Sawahel, Issue No. 352: “the political instability that Egypt is experiencing now could be a barrier for foreign students to come to study”.

Regional hub planned to lure African and Arab students

Excerpt of this article follows:

Egypt is planning a fourfold increase in the enrolment of Arab and African students in higher education institutions in the next three years – from 53,000 to 200,000 international students.

This initiative was highlighted in a new international student recruitment strategy approved by the Supreme Council of Universities – the body responsible for the planning, coordination and supervision of universities in Egypt – on 25 January, according to the Ministry of Higher Education.

Egypt, together with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, hosts 4% of the global share of mobile students, as indicated by the Global Flow of Tertiary-level Students initiative of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

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