The new Brookings’ Initiative, the Global Metro Monitor, reports about the individual trajectories of the world’s large metropolitan economies. The project aims to show “new insights into sources of growth that national or regional assessments tend to obscure”. This year’s report shows the fastest growing metro areas in the world, as measured by an economic performance index that combines employment and GDP per capita growth. They are all concentrated in China, Turkey and the Middle East.

Because of its population (the most populous city in the UAE) and economic growth, Dubai is ranked # 5.  As the reports states: “Dubai is a global hub for transportation, tourism, trade and professional services. Thanks to an ambitious strategy to diversify its economy Dubai no longer relies on commodities to power its economic growth, and today the service industry accounts for more than 70 percent of total GDP”.

Here is the list :

  1. Fuzhou, China

Population: 6,618,900

Employment Growth: 2.7%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 8.0%

  1. Ankara, Turkey

Population: 4,975,400

Employment Growth: 5.7%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 1.1%

  1. Xiamen, China

Population: 3,715,900

Employment Growth: 2.6%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 8.6%

  1. Hangzhou, China

Population: 8,909,700

Employment Growth: 3.3%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 7.0%

  1. Kunming, China

Population: 6,605,500

Employment Growth: 2.9%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 8.1%

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Population: 3,332,500

Employment Growth: 4.7%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 4.5%

  1. Bursa, Turkey

Population: 3,722,600

Employment Growth: 6.4%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 1.8%

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Population: 14,023,500

Employment Growth: 6.5%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 2.0%

  1. Izmir, Turkey

Population: 4,026,000

Employment Growth: 6.6%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 2.0%

  1. Macau

Population: 574,200

Employment Growth: 4.2%

GDP Per Capita Growth: 8.0%