CNIM officials say they are ‘puzzled’ by the silence of the Bahraini Authorities.

Paris-based CNIM (Constructions industrielles de la Méditerranée S.A.), a French engineering company, is calling on Bahrain’s government to approve a $400mn waste recycling project which it was awarded nearly four years ago.

According to Al Ayam, a local Arabic daily, CNIM officials are puzzled by the government’s delay in the licencing of what will be the country’s first waste recycling plant, handing 390,000 tonnes of waste a year with the side capability of generating 200MW of electricity.

“We had expected to begin work within weeks after the agreement.  I issue this appeal hoping it will reach those responsible for the delaying of this project, which was awarded to our company through bidding,” Francois Canellas, vice-chairman of CNIM’s supervisory board told the newspaper.

He said CNIM has been unable to reach Mr. Juma bin Ahmed Al Kaabi, Bahrain’s Minister for Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning.

“It is extremely difficult to see the Minister although the company is working in line with the 2010 agreement signed with the government.  We have conducted the necessary studies and selected the project site,” he said.

It took the Bahraini authorities nearly 18 months to respond to CNIM’s first request for approval, according to Canellas, who says he was told in December 2013 that the license for the project would be issued within 15 days.

The CNIM Group designs and manufactures turnkey industrial solutions including systems which make energy from waste.