77,000 new social housing units in Bahrain are planned for the near future.  

The Kingdom of Bahrain has embarked on a new ambitious homes plan which will see the construction of that number up to 77,000 new social housing units for its residents across the country, said a report. The project is part of the social housing scheme undertaken by the government to provide affordable houses to its citizens.

The Housing Ministry has already demarcated 61 locations for the purpose, reported Akhbar Al Khaleej.

The social housing strategy will cover the areas in Northern Town, East Hidd project and also involve the East Sitra scheme which is still being planned, it stated.

The other housing projects are also being planned at West Salmabad, Al Louzy, Jaw and Askar areas of the kingdom.

The government aims to build 53,000 social housing units for applicants on the waiting list over the next five years, the report added.

Source – TradeArabia

Local media, according to a public notice posted on 21 June 2016, informed that Bahrain’s Ministry of Housing has floated a tender for infrastructure works related to the Ryade housing project.  It is about implementing infrastructure facilities for a large number of villas in different sites in Askar, south east of Manama.  The submission deadline is on 20 July 2016.

On 28 March, 2015, the website tradearabia.com reported that Bahrain plans to build 77,000 social housing units at 61 chosen locations.  This included the new towns Northern Town, East Hidd and East Sitra and projects at West Salmabad, Al Louzy, Jaw and Askar.

No further information transpired from any government department of agency so far.