A new $1 billion Palestinian city in the West Bank

Rawabi is a $1 billion Palestinian city in the West Bank, a “new town” project by developer Bayti and master planned by AECOM and Ziayda, architect.  It proposes residential, shopping, leisure and health facilities along with all roads, parking and landscaping.  It includes 6,000 residential units and be home for 40,000 people. It is built in phases, the first and second neighbourhoods are completed along with some of the commercial centre.”

It is the largest private sector project undertaken in Palestinian history and was initiated at the Palestinian Investment Conference of 2008 in Bethlehem.Rawabi Site supervision

The word Rawabi is Arabic for “The Hills” and the city is located in the West Bank, 9 kilometres north of Ramallah.  The economic growth strategy underlining the project has the aim of creating 3,000 to 5,000 new jobs in what it calls a “knowledge economy” that IT, healthcare and education.

Sustainability is a major factor in the project with thousands of trees being planted, including an olive sapling put into the earth by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

One of the first visitors to the construction site was US senator John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has also viewed the project.

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