Unfolding worldwide drama

After The Guardian’s article of last year, it was the turn of The Washington Post to publish an article dated 27 May alleging that as much as 4000 migrant workers might leave their life in the World Cup 2022 stadiums construction sites.

Qatar government in a statement this Wednesday morning replied saying that these allegations that are not only based on wrong arithmetic’s but are aboveall “completely untrue”.  Besides, these could be damaging for everyone.

In this statement, Qatar government’s communications department said that the country has an expatriate workers population of a million and half and that it is wrong to suggest that all deaths in such a large population is work-conditions related.

Meanwhile, whilst this is on-going forever biting into FIFA’s decision to give the World Cup’s rights to Qatar, its chairman gave in to pressure and finally resigned.

This sudden move of the chairman of FIFA on Tuesday 2 June has in no way calmed the situation but rather envenomed it further by threatening Qatar’s hosting rights of the games.

Qatar, prepared to fork out some $200 billion in preparation for the tournament, could nevertheless lose these altogether if following this resignation, further in-depth enquiries on bribery and corruption are pursued.

The tournament if and for the sake of the beautiful game, would be best to be allocated to all countries of the GCC, from Kuwait all the way to Oman with perhaps the start and finish in Qatar still.

The size and calibre of the host country is what fundamentally started it all.  The decision to award the hosting rights for World Cup 2022 by FIFA in 2010, has since then brought the world’s attention onto this minuscule country with its harsh weather conditions, non-conventional population mix and difficult working conditions.

To extricate, at this stage them games completely would perhaps be counterproductive and possibly cause some damage to the games and its organisation.

Plenty of time to go and 5 countries to share the games during the traditional world cup month of June and July, albeit in air-conditioned venues could certainly make everyone happy.