ARCADIS, the leading global natural and built asset design and consultancy, in its ‘Retail Operation Index’ ranked the UAE eighth in the overall world rankings and first place in the Middle East.  It is according to a study and subsequent report to mainly for reasons of its quality of transportation and ease of getting business up-and-running whilst shortage of high calibre infrastructure in the country and a certain administrative characteristic  shortcomings are hampering many other countries in the region.

In fact, it was clear that much of the UAE retail as per the findings, is driven by the prevailing and recent trends of the tourist industry.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia like all others in the region, find themselves in the second pack of countries, demonstrating a lower ease of starting up and doing business rating as well as having a comparably less developed infrastructure.  Two factors therefore affect the retailing spread and are largely due to challenges associated with :

  • Current infrastructure programmes taking place throughout the cities, and
  • Restrictions in regulations impacting those operating within the country.

Elsewhere in the world, ARCADIS found that Hong Kong is the most attractive location for retailers to operate in as

  1. Hong Kong tops ranking as most attractive location for retailers
  2. UK and US markets perform strongly despite aging infrastructure, but
  3. Eurozone crisis continues to hit the EU retail sector.

Further reading is in Hong_Kong_leads_the_way_as_most_attractive_location_for_retailers_to_operate .

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