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The internet became available as from the late 80s through dial up connections with a maximum speed of 56 kilobits.  Later on, a broadband connection would quite easily reach a minimum speed of about 700 kilobits per second.

Now however, there are different ways to connect to the internet, fibre optic cables are a popular choice and are now the fastest transporter through optical cables.  Although ordinary cables are still used for long distances, wireless connections are increasingly taking over the shorter distances whereas satellites are made use of in remote areas to access the internet.

Accessing the internet in this day and age is made easy through different platforms like smartphones and tablets, thus resulting in the faster internet connection being relatively more vital if not critical, as devices penetration levels in the world rise.

A recent report by Akamai Technology, a cloud service provider found that Asia and Europe have the fastest internet connection speeds.

More specifically , the report showed South Korea had the fastest average internet connection speed in the world during the fourth quarter of 2014 with an average data transfer speed of 22.2 megabits per second (Mbps).

However if this were to be compared with the UAE’s, which by the way has the fastest internet connection in the Gulf with an average data speed of 5.7Mbps, one would think that the UAE’s is way behind.  The report however, growth in the UAE’s connection speed was 23 per cent quarter-on-quarter during Q4 2014.  Furthermore, the UAE’s broadband adoption rate appreciated by 164 per cent in Q4 2014, bringing the overall internet adoption rate among users to 9.2 per cent.

A recent study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) showed that in the Gulf, adoption of 4G technology has been massive with 70 per cent of users having an LTE-capable smartphone.

90 per cent of 3G and 4G consumers said they wanted even more improvements such as faster data speeds, greater coverage and more battery life amongst many other things.

Top 10 Countries with fastest Internet connection :


Average Mbps: 22.2; Annual increase in speed: 1.6%; Internet penetration rate: 91.52%


Average Mbps: 16.8; Annual increase in speed: 37%; Internet penetration rate: 79.22%

  1. JAPAN

Average Mbps: 15.2; Annual increase in speed: 16%; Internet penetration rate: 86.3%


Average Mbps: 14.6; Annual increase in speed: 34%; Internet penetration rate: 89.1%


Average Mbps: 14.5; Annual increase in speed: 21%; Internet penetration rate: 88.02%


Average Mbps: 14.2; Annual increase in speed: 15%; Internet penetration rate: 96.08%


Average Mbps: 13; Annual increase in speed: 25%; Internet penetration rate: 76.45%


Average Mbps: 12.7; Annual increase in speed: 24%; Internet penetration rate: 81.62%


Average Mbps: 12.3; Annual increase in speed: 8.4%; Internet penetration rate: 77.48%


Average Mbps: 12.1; Annual increase in speed: 33%; Internet penetration rate: 94.01%