EcoMENA published today this article written by S. Zafar which describes the commendable initiative of starting a community of interest in a sustainable environment in the MENA region. 

This admirable initiative will certainly lead to not only a better and thorough understanding of one’s environment but orientate the frantically developing infrastructure.  It needs however to be kept alive as well as be nurtured by all peoples from the Atlantic, all along the south Mediterranean, in the Levant and in the Gulf with equal fervour and enthusiasm.  For this, the EcoMENA and +SocialGood mission is to get as close to those peoples as can be mustered.

Here is an extract :

#InspireMENA – Storytelling on Sustainable Development in MENA

By Salman Zafar on 15 September 2015  –

Over 350 million people live in MENA and share Arabic as a common language.  To date, there is very little literature in Arabic about sustainable development in general and specifically on the United Nation’s new global goals and the associated agencies and initiatives. More than half of that population is below 25 and is currently going through a lot in terms of political, economic, and social change. Despite all of this, those young people are innovating and making positive change in their communities. It is of utmost importance to support such impact with credible information, more visibility for success stories, and better communication tools.

Today we are excited to announce a special partnership between EcoMENA, a volunteer-driven organization working to raise environmental awareness and foster sustainable development in MENA, and +SocialGood an international community where digital innovators, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, change makers, and global citizens come together to share world-changing ideas and catalyze action.  The #InspireMENA Initiative will work to raise awareness and magnify impact on sustainable development issues and projects throughout the MENA region. Each #InspireMENA story will be shared in both English and Arabic on both platforms. Professionals, volunteers and writers are invited through both networks to contribute to identifying stories, writing and translating articles.

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