Saudi Gazette of 2 days ago reported that the Philippines Embassy in Riyad and a Saudi company are at court over a dispute on delayed salaries.

Novelty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where according to the Philippines ambassador, relations between the two countries were always quite positive and rewarding for each.

The Embassy is suing a major Saudi company for its alleged abuse of time delay in clearing its employees’ monthly salaries.  The case is currently in the hand of the Saudi Justice system and with the perspective of the Philippines president due to pay a short visit to Saudi shortly to meet the king, it might be put in their agenda of topics to be discussed.

Saudi justice has taken note of that and should normally act as impartially as it would if the whole thing is not to get out of hands, said many expatriate philipinos.

“We are currently organising for the president to come and meet the king.  The Philippines would like to continue its relationship with the kingdom and . . . “

Most philipino expatriates reckon their contribution to the Saudi labour market has no equal amongst all other communities present in the kingdom.  They number well over the 700,000 mark and counting.  Visas are procured without any constraints were it not for the housemaids’ shortage.  The philipino expatriate as witnessed in the rest of the GCC counties regardless of their gender appear to have earned the confidence placed in them as middle to up middle managers, technicians, etc. notably in the industry, retail and services.

The domestic segment however  of the Philippines expat population in the kingdom seems to be the major glitch in their mutual relationship.

It is that supply that is slightly inferior to demand.  In this specific area, it is the Philippines ministry of labour that obviously appears to be at fault by being not able to process enough candidates on time for the Saudi market.