Renewable energy sources benefits

The National UAE ( ) reported this week that International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), an Abu Dhabi organisation, published three (3) reports last Thursday that basically confirmed the validity of benefits through the development of local renewable sources of energy.

In effect “Renewable energy is no longer just the best choice socially and environmentally, it is also the best choice economically for many countries in many part of the world,” Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA’s Director said to the newspaper.

He added that based on experiments recently undertaken in the Pacific Ocean islands of Vanuatu, Fiji and the Marshall’s, where a deployment of different hardware for solar, wind and geothermal, biomass and biofuel plants, it was found that these did definitely help reduce costs of electricity in these islands.  He also stated that the bonus was a reduction in their dependency on oil imports and therefore its price volatility.

Amin elaborating further, stated that the falling costs of renewable energy hardware and systems generally, not only allow opportunities for a total rethink of all countries energy strategies, but also create jobs and above all reduce climate change.

The experiments were a thorough study on whether an optimal combination of renewable energy generation sources would meet the specific needs of each particular country.  The labelled RRA’s (Renewables Readiness Assessments) were used as an evaluation tool that typically devised a schematic plan for each particular country’s case.

More than 20 countries notably in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, have actually undertaken their own RRA’s since 2011 and that as per the increasing tendency to base all their future energy related policies on the findings, these will certainly help towards their own specific domestic deployment of technologies.

Green Energy

Green Energy