Qatar prepared for UN climate change conference : The Peninsula


Qatar will be presenting impressive credentials at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris next month.  It is following the signing of a partnership between Qatar Foundation and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany that took place in Doha as it was announced at the 18th Conference of Parties (COP18).  The partnership was to establish a Climate Change Research Institute in Qatar to undertake pioneering work in the global fight against climate change.

HEC Paris in Qatar organised a joint conference with the French embassy as part of events leading to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris by that will be held from 30 November to 11 December at Paris-Le Bourget in France.  It will be the 21st session of the Conference of the UN Convention on Climate Change.

Under the theme ‘Towards the COP21: Facing challenges of the climate change’, the conference was held in September at HEC Paris premises in Doha.  Speakers included notably the French Ambassador to Qatar, Dr Philippe Freyssinet and Director of Qatar National Research Fund and was moderated by Prof. Laoucine Kerbache, of HEC Paris in Qatar.

Governments of 196 countries, and Qatar with its commitment in the emission mitigation are preparing to meet at the Paris UN Climate Change Conference in an effort to seal a global agreement on setting a long term goal on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

Qatar has in the last few years, launched several emission mitigation projects that are recognised as the world’s biggest environment protection investment.  These are valued at more than $1bn and are capable of an annual 1.6 million tonnes reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Parallel to that, Qatar in line with its self-imposed 2030 National Vision and with sustainability as key factor of development has launched a series of national and international initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrating its commitment to reducing global GHG emission.

The $15 million contribution of Qatar to the energy research and climate change fund announced at OPEC summit held in Riyadh, is another gesture of the country’s commitment in battling the emission rate.  In addition, it is working on on a $70 million 10-year joint research project with Shell, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Imperial College of London, focusing in carbon capture and storage technologies.

Qatar is also on major initiative in its battle against climate change with $210 million investment into a UK venture capital fund for clean energy with other initiatives that include funding research into clean technologies and the investigation of energy and water use efficiency as part of a comprehensive study conducted by UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia.