Bahrain, being an island we have to be well connected to Saudi Arabia

Push for another causeway ?


Qatar-Bahrain CausewayOfficials have been in discussions for many years over potential solutions for increasing capacity to serve the millions of Saudi and Bahraini commuters and holidaymakers using the Bahrain Saudi Arabia causeway bridge.  The question is whether to push for another causeway ?

And safe in the knowledge that a second causeway expected to cut the need for a costly expansion of the existing link and according to a feasibility study conducted over the summer by Canadian engineering consultancy SNC-Lavalin of the second causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, these 2 countries will finalise plans for the construction of this project by the end of this year, Bahrain’s transport minister confirmed.  The new link has been named the ‘King Hamad Causeway’.

The new causeway will be comprised of a new road and a rail link, which also will connect to the main GCC Rail network, all at an estimated cost of $3 billion.

Kamal Bin Ahmed, Bahrain’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, told the specialised press “it made economic sense” for the new causeway to combine road and rail access as it would eliminate the need to build two costly bridges.

He said he hoped it could be “fully financed” by the private sector and be completed within a decade at most.  “Being an island we have to be well connected to Saudi Arabia,” he added.

The project was proposed with two options that would both include a rail link spanning 87km, connecting two stations on either side of the water with Bahrain’s station built on reclaimed land north of the existing most congested 25km King Fahd Causeway.

In the meantime, AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services, has emerged with a low bid of $13 million out of a total of six leading engineering companies as the lowest bidder to provide engineering consultancy services for the second phase of North Manama Causeway and Busaiteen Link.

According to the Bahrain Tenders Board website, Consolidated Engineering and Alami submitted the second lowest bid followed by Parsons Global Services as third.

Whilst on the subject of Causeways in that region, the Qatar-Bahrain one planned to be a new link between these two countries by a series of embankments and various bridges and viaducts for a total length from coast to coast of 40 kms .   It has been cancelled and at this conjecture does seem to be wanting to be reactivated.