Qatar’s World Cup 2022 spend to hit $70 billion and it’s already benefiting from it . . .

The latest on the Qatar 2022 World Cup is that the Qatari government is to spend over $70 bn on infrastructure and transport in the run-up to the 2022 World Cup, according to Deloitte the US professional Consulting services firm.

And last month’s award for Qatar to host the 17th IAAF World Championships in 2019 is set to boost the construction sector even further.  the combination of both these winnings are already contributing to the noticeably frantic pace of the preparations of these games.

And as a matter of fact, the Minister of Finance has allocated in next year’s budget, $24bn for key projects, which represents a 16% increase, compared to 2013 / 14, and translates into Qatar’s largest infrastructure budget to date.

And amid the furore around an irregular bidding process, weather concerns, labour force working conditions and project delays, the head of the Qatar 2022 World Cup committee stated that Qatar was already feeling the benefits of staging the tournament.

To date five stadia are under construction and preparations at an advanced stage for the event. There is still uncertainty however, as to when exactly the event will be staged, owing to concerns around the extremely high summer temperatures in the country.

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Al Guerafa