Ooredoo crosses 100 million subscribers worldwide with 6.5 million in Tunisia

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ooredoo announced having passed the threshold of 100 million subscribers in its operations worldwide.  According to figures published recently, the operator has achieved these results in the Middle East, North Africa with 6 million and a half in Tunisia and Southeast Asia during the fourth quarter of 2014, after a year of work on increasing its customer base in key markets namely Qatar, Tunisia, Algeria and Oman, as well as launch its services in new markets such as Myanmar.

Sheikh Abdulla Al Thani, President of Ooredoo Group said: “Ooredoo has a clear vision in terms of growth.  This vision has always been supported by our prudent investment and development strategy.  Achieve the 100 million customers reminds us of our journey over the last decade and reinforces the powerful impact of the Ooredoo services throughout the world”.

In Tunisia, Ooredoo as the first private operator has managed to hold the largest market share of the mobile phone, throughout the past 4 years, with 45.7% in 2014.  Then, to improve the experience of the users of its network, Ooredoo is used to implement the democratization of Mobile Internet in Tunisia.  To do this, the operator launched its own brand of Smartphones and tablets at affordable prices, resulting in doubling the number of subscribers to its 3G service in a single year.  “We have democratized the voice in 2004, we tackle the data processing by offering today a range of Smartphones “Odyssey” that are accessible to all” said Ken Campbell, CEO of Ooredoo Tunisia.

“Innovation and be aware of our subscribers expectations, is our motto” confirms the COO of Ooredoo Tunisia Mr. Youssef Masri

On the other hand, Ooredoo operates in markets that include an accessible population of more than 700 million people in which it perceives a strong growth potential.  Its newest market, Myanmar, has a population of about 53 million with a 27% relatively low mobile penetration rate according to the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

During its first month of operation in 2014, Ooredoo has reached more than a million customers in that country alone.

Ooredoo has also made good progress in a number of major markets in 2014.  In Qatar, it managed to increase its customer base to more than 3 million subscribers and increase the number of 3G users and in Algeria, more than 3.5 million a year subscribed since the launch of its 3G service.

In terms of contribution in human development in ICT, Ooredoo showcases a range of smart technologies including smart education, Smart City, and M2M (machine to machine) solutions, the Ooredoo Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress ( http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/2015-event-overview/ ) this current week, in addition to some of its activities that support human growth through its fields intervention.

“Through our global presence, we are confident that Ooredoo investment in these solutions and in even larger and faster networks, will allow the company to maintain its growth and better serve its customers,” concluded Sheikh Abdulla.

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