Algerian Minister announces new Academy of Sciences (post updated on 19 September 2015, 18:06) 

A new Academy of Sciences and Technologies of Algeria (ASTA) will be opened this month, Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced.

The minister told the State controlled Algerian Press Service (APS) that the ‘Académie des Sciences et des Technologies d’Algérie’, to be located in Algiers,

This is amongst however rumours that the future Academy was shunned by numerous Algerian researchers, academics and renowned Algerian researchers not presenting their candidacy.

“It is impossible to choose someone who has not applied” confessed the Minister to the announcement of the constitutive nucleus of the future Academy during a lively press conference held jointly with members of the international jury.  The constitutive nucleus of the future Academy is composed of 46 members whose average age is 57 years.

Among the members, 11 women were selected by an international jury on a total of 364 University candidates and researchers representing various specialities of science and technology from 15 universities.

The future ASTA will comprise nine specialties, including mathematics, chemistry, physics, information technology, and medical sciences.  The Minister said also that the constitutive nucleus will select its future members from interested candidates in accordance with the texts governing this Academy, at the rate of 25 new investigators annually, reaching a total of 200 members.

He intends at the same time, to create two more academies, one devoted to Medical Sciences (see below) and the other to Arts, Languages and Humanities, as well as a Centre of Astronomy and an International Institute of Mathematics, reported the APS.

ASTA’s missions will be to contribute of course to the progress of science and technology and their applications, to provide expertise and counselling, to encourage scientific activities by publishing new findings in journals for scientific communities both at home and abroad, and to participate in current scientific debate on major issues, said APS.

As for the Algerian Medicine and Surgery Academy, the Minister of Health underlined last Monday, in Algiers, the necessity to consider the creation of such an Academy as reported by the APS

During a ceremony organized in the honour of professors from various university-hospital centres that were recently admitted to the French Medicine and Surgery Academy, the minister underlined the necessity to consider the creation of an Algerian Medicine and Surgery Academy.

The minister committed to supporting such an approach recalling the financial budget released by his ministerial department in 2014 to encourage scientific research.