SAP: Telecom Co’s to drive economic transformation towards the ‘networked economy’ in the MENA.

According to SAP SE a German multinational software corporation, the Middle East telecom operators must create internal cultures of innovation in order to take advantage of the new technologies.  These could allow them to reach for new and emerging business opportunities in coming years.

SAP predicts there will be 50 billion connected apparatuses by 2020, when organizations, suppliers and customers will be all more interconnected than ever before, leading to the networked economy.

“To drive the networked economy, Middle East telecom operators need to take advantage of new technologies that will help them improve operational systems and create new revenue streams, which can only be accomplished by partnering with government agencies, and local application experts and developers,” said Lise Tcheng, vice-president and Global Head of Telecom Services at SAP.

“By developing programs to encourage innovation and change, even large companies can become more agile, and ready to adopt new systems and new business models that can create new sources of revenue,” added Tcheng.

According to this company, telecom operators can leverage their own Big Data assets to deliver new insights into business practices for their enterprise customers – such as tracing shipments in the supply chain, customer shopping preferences, and location-based marketing initiatives. Information such as patient records, textbooks, and receipts must be hosted securely on mobile devices.