MENA businesses innovate faster in ‘cloud’ with SAP

SAP a business software producer, has announced a range of capabilities for businesses across the Middle East and North Africa to innovate faster in the ‘cloud’ than ever before with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

As businesses transition their IT to the ‘cloud’, the region’s ‘cloud’ market is poised for high growth. MENA’s ‘cloud’ market is set to total $4.7bn from 2014 to 2018, with business products as a service growing by 8.1 percent through 2018, according to a recent report from Gartner Inc.

Thanks to Rapid Deployment Solutions, SAP simplifies deployments, and helps its customers run new enterprise solutions and move to the ‘cloud’.  By using best practices in a predictable manner, SAP minimizes business disruption while the new Rapid Deployment Solutions are implemented.

Rapid Deployment Solutions cover SAP Business Suite and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, while enabling features such as mobility, user experience, and big data analytics.

Following the recent regional launch of SAP’s localized Rapid Deployment Solutions for Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar, customers have been able to go live in mere weeks.  In the region, SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Resources (HR) Core Functions and payroll have seen strong success.

One of the UAE’s leaders in media services, Motivate Publishing, will deploy the HR Core Functions for the UAE Rapid Deployment Solution, implemented by Prism Informatics Ltd.

“As we expand to meet the region’s new media challenges, our Human Resources Department desires more efficient and advanced software solutions which will enable HR to effectively manage our resources.  Expectation from SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solution will be to automate our business processes, which will not just maximise efficiencies but will also maximise the resource availability. This will allow HR to find new ways to boost employee engagement and enhance the effectiveness of our human resources programs,” said Girish Chouhan, General Manager of Information Technology, Motivate Publishing.

In Arabia, the Middle East Paper Company Ltd. (MEPCO) will deploy HR Core Functions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rapid Deployment Solution, implemented by Excellence Delivered Technology (ExdNow).

“As we are the largest manufacturer of paperboard in Middle East and North Africa, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, our paperboard manufacturing and recycling business has grown by leaps and bounds – and our IT infrastructure needs to match this growth,” said Noman B. Khan, Project Manager, Middle East Paper Company (MEPCO). “Thanks to SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solution, we will be able to find and train the right staff to help expand our business, and enhance the interaction with our employees,” he added.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions can reduce consulting fees and project costs each by 50 percent, decrease time to business value by 40-60 percent, and reduce TCO by 40 percent, according to SAP. Further enhancing the effectiveness of its business software, SAP has announced four new app-based user experience Rapid Deployment Solutions, enabling businesses to adopt SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas for consistent user experiences across devices and enhanced productivity.

“The growth of the Networked Economy in the Middle East and North Africa requires business to jump-start innovating their IT infrastructure,” said Sam Alkharrat, President, SAP MENA. “Our Rapid Deployment Solutions enable organizations to rapidly deploy ‘cloud’-based applications to run simple – from analyzing Big Data, to gaining business agility and enhancing ROI – at lowered risk and cost,” he added.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are delivered either by SAP Consulting or an ecosystem of more than 3,700 SAP service partners, along with indirect sales via 3,900 SPA channel partners and value-added resellers. SAP counts more than 40,000 enterprise solution implementations worldwide.

“Businesses that want to move to the ‘cloud’ often face the difficult task of identifying what information and processes they need in the cloud and how they can move to it without disrupting their daily operations,” said Dr. Bernd Welz, Executive Vice President and Global Head, Solution & Knowledge Packaging, SAP. “The fastest path to the cloud is through SAP Rapid Deployment solutions,” he added.