IV Mediterranean Forest Week:

Towards a collaborative partnership for cooperation on Mediterranean forests

20 March 2015

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  • The UfM Secretariat actively participated in the Mediterranean Forest Week, which took place on 17-20 March 2015 in Barcelona.
  • Barcelona is also the host city of the Mediterranean Regional Office of the European Forest Institute (EFIMED).

Barcelona, 20 March 2015. The IV Mediterranean Forest Week took place on 17-20 March 2015 at the headquarters of the Mediterranean Regional Office of the European Forest Institute (EFIMED), in Barcelona, gathering key representatives from the Mediterranean forest research community, policy-makers and relevant stakeholders involved in the integrated management of Mediterranean forests.

The aim of this series of sessions was to foster dialogue and synergies between stakeholders, promote innovative and cross-sectorial cooperation to increase resilience of forested ecosystems and join forces for the mobilisation of financing.

Within this framework, some of the key European and multilateral donors discussed ways to mobilise financial resources and build a better coordination for the implementation of sub regional and inter sectorial projects in forested Mediterranean landscapes. In a session chaired by the UfM Secretariat, they presented their programmes and financial instruments as well as their priorities by 2020. They also discussed opportunities to link their action with the Strategic Framework set by the Tlemcen Declaration, adopted by more than 300 participants from 15 countries at a high-level session held in Algeria during the III Mediterranean Forest Week (21 March, 2013).

Recognising the importance of promoting sustainable development of the Mediterranean forests and landscapes, the Declaration set the basis for a ‘Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests’ to: develop and promote goods and services provided by forest ecosystems and other wooded lands in the Mediterranean; promote resilience of forest ecosystems and other wooded lands in the Mediterranean to face global changes; and enhance the capacity of the stakeholders and mobilise resources for the sustainable management of forest ecosystems and other wooded lands in the Mediterranean.

While pointing out the relevance of the Tlemcen Declaration, the UfM Secretariat highlighted the great potential for collaboration and integration of forestry issues within the UfM agenda through the different platforms of dialogue and the promotion of relevant projects of regional scope.

The UfM Secretariat recognises the importance of the action promoted by Silva Mediterranea-FAO, EFIMED and other important organisers of the Forest Week, which is in line with one of the main priorities of the UfM: to promote sustainable development and contribute to tackle the current environmental challenges that the Mediterranean is facing by developing major impact regional projects. In this regard, forests and other woodlands provide ecosystems that play a key role in improving the quality of life of the citizens of the Mediterranean.