Biomass Plant view in perspective

Biomass Plant view in perspective

BIG unveils a luminescent geodesic dome biomass power plant, and it’s also a public park

by Charley Cameron, 26 February 2015

Published by Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Uppsala’s biomass cogeneration plant is planned as a means to supplement the town’s grid during peak fall, winter and spring months, when demand for heat and electricity is at a high. It’s a bold move by the town, that requires the construction of a large, new piece of infrastructure, and as BIG notes, “its beautiful old town, home to the oldest university in Scandinavia and the impressive Uppsala cathedral, [and so] it required careful consideration to integrate a vast structure into the historical skyline.”

And so we have a welcoming, if slightly whacky, geodesic dome to house the biomass operations—one that takes the sizable new silhouette that the plant will bring to the skyline, and renders it light and transparent through the use of a greenhouse-like structure. The various buildings the make up the biomass plant are assembled compactly, as opposed in a linear form so as to minimize footprint and fit snugly within the dome.

The rainbow colour effect on the geodesic dome is created through the use of clear photovoltaic panels and so, “the diamond dome is color-coded to reflect the amount of sun exposure on each facet — ranging from red to blue — hot to cold. Thermal exposure becomes architectural expression.”

But with the biomass facility out of use during the summer months, when tourists flock to the region, BIG wanted to find a way to make the power plant double as a public park. Which is, again, an pretty unprecedented concept for a power plant. Surrounded by green space, the top of the dome functions as a cat walk, while silos are converted into a visitors centre.  There will also be walking paths, picnic areas, restaurants and, it appears, a skating area.

Alas, there will be no ski slope—that is reserved for BIG’s waste incinerator in Copenhagen. But if you look really closely on the grounds of the Uppsala biomass plant, we’d reckon it’s highly likely that you’ll find a unicorn or two.#

BIG is a Copenhagen and New York based group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development.

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