Jordan’s Educational Reforms are these days being looked at with reference to their equivalence to the regional and international environment.  Wikipedia defines Jordan’s Education system as “The education system of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been improved consistently since the mid-1900s.  The role played by a good education system has been significant in the development of Jordan from a predominantly agrarian to an industrialized nation.”  

In an interview, the Jordanian Secretary-General of the Higher Education Ministry described the changes that are taking place in the higher education sector and which include revising legislation on higher education institutions; reforming technical education; regulating foreign certificate equivalences; enhancing private sector involvement in higher education development; and better aligning programmes offered at universities with local and regional job markets.

For instance, a polytechnic academy will be established in every region to make it easier for students to enrol in technical education programmes regardless of their area of residence. A memorandum of understanding is also scheduled to be signed within a month to establish a Chinese-Jordanian university for technical education.

The Secretary-General also mentioned that the ministry has formed a committee to follow up on public-private partnerships and how to better involve the private sector in the development of higher education.

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