A rather interesting picture of Dubai and the UAE in their preparation of 2020 World Expo whilst Qatar is betting on several new top hotels until the FIFA World; this latter will be covered in a separate article in the near future.

UAE leads  MENA hotels construction with 170 projects

The UAE has the highest number of ongoing hotel projects in the Middle East and Africa region, followed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Morocco.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS,  , a provider of B2B global hotel data sales manager stated that the UAE has 170 ongoing hotel projects, comprising 63,970 rooms of which Dubai claims 119 of these projects and Abu Dhabi 26.

The study added that Saudi Arabia has 126 projects with 48,256 rooms, while Turkey has 73 with 12,624 rooms.

Gulf News, today informs that 872 hotel projects are currently in planning and / or under construction in the Middle East and Africa.  These will eventually add 243,036 rooms to the market over the coming years, the majority of which scheduled to be realised before 2020.

In the Middle East however, the report indicates that 546 projects with 166,036 rooms are underway and 326 projects in Africa with 77,000 rooms.

Christine Davidson, event director of The Hotel Show Dubai, said that historically, year 2017 was the most productive for Dubai hotels, with 30 opening to the public that year.

Dubai’s first fully solar-powered hotel, Hotel Indigo Dubai in The Sustainable City, and its first Mandarin Oriental and Bulgari luxury hotels are to open in 2017.

The major Dubai Pearl development, a “mix of six innovative 5-Star hotels” is reported to be launched in early-2018 including Dubai’s first MGM Grand and Bellagio hotels, brands made famous by the Las Vegas strip.

“Hotel and leisure development, build and investment is significant and set to continue, making Dubai the perfect contract market for global suppliers and investors,” Davidson added.

Details and further reading are available upon signing up at : TOPHOTELPROJECTS’s article.