Merry Christmas to Everyone.

Christmas is a time of great expectation here; everyone wants to give their loved ones the best Christmas ever.

The media does not help because most newspapers will have an expert to tell you how to create the `perfect’ pudding, the `perfect’ cake, turkey and so on or where to buy the very best product.  You could see the stress on some of the shoppers’ faces as they searched for the top-rated, Heston Blumenthal `pig’s in blankets’ to go with their Christmas turkey.

I work in retail and had some amusement today as I met badly bewildered husbands who struggled to understand the shopping lists that their wives had given them.  I also managed excited children that sang and danced around the aisles.

Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall

The strange thing was that many people wanted one particular product (that ran out quickly) but no-one wanted a similar product next to it that had not been recommended on TV, I suppose that is the way with aspirations of perfection; they are demanding things prone to causing disappointment.

Our food is of an astonishingly uniform appearance and yet although it looks gleaming on the shelf, I check the dates and I can tell you that such perfection does not last long.  The best traditions, I think, do not need to be rushed and nothing needs to be perfect; it just needs to be fun.

Carol singing is lovely and there is often a midnight service that people go to even when they don’t go the rest of the year.

I love to listen to Christmas ghost stories on the radio and of course, we all love to eat mince pies made by the children themselves.

We leave out a carrot for Rudolf the reindeer and a mince pie and milk for Santa.  Sometimes, Rudolf is very messy and treads mud into the house, leaving paw prints but we don’t mind at Christmas.

Make sure you have fun and Merry Christmas .