It is believed in any country of the GCC that a good project manager needs multiple skillsets, but focused experience.
All agree that the requirement of good project management is to ensure that whoever is in charge of a building and / or infrastructure project development has the right experience within the field in which he will be project managing.
For example, if he or she is to project manage a mall development, it makes sense that his or her experience is within that sector of the industry.  His or her skills are therefore best utilised in areas in which they have knowledge and most importantly experience.
With a number of project tenders on hold, it makes sense to ensure that information gathering is accurate and timely as all concur that tenders in the region are often incomplete when submitted, leading as a matter of consequence to delays.
For instance, MEP service have traditionally been a difficult area whether in design and / or constructio.  Typically there are often clashes between MEP and structural elements.  However, nowadays there are certain new technologies that help overcome any shortcoming of this nature.  BIM is definitely a tool that help get through and it is presently and successfully used on almost all construction projects as it helps iron out the clashes before they occur.
Everyone reckons that the project manager (PM) must have these additional skills: “The PM must have good MEP experience, with dedicated MEP staff and preferably a specialist on board with his own expertise in MEP in a specific discipline.
The PM must also be familiar with all BIM skills, specific to the category of project on which work is undertaken e.g.: malls, entertainment areas, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.
Many are inclined to believe that the PM should be a professional specialist of the trade if only by training.   He will be a much valued professional PM if he presents good track-recorded experience in the domain proper and far more more beneficial for the job itself if the PM rose, as it were, through the ranks doing similar jobs.  A good PM seeking to avoid slack using his direct experience, would certainly maximise the job’s chance to a successful completion .