Corruption in the MENA region and in the world


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    In so far as corruption in the MENA region is concerned, could we say that the small Gulf monarchies of the GCC’s with a better performance in this respect are better governed ?  And why?

    .Refer to our article on The latest on corruption in the MENA region and in the world.

    Otherwise all are welcome to read our selected excerpts of the article here .

    Corruption is perceived differently in the MENA region countries but is, as it were used differently across these countries.  For instance, as per the latest on corruption in the MENA region and in the world  report by Berlin-based Transparency International, the Golf monarchies seem to be least affected by this scourge if compared to the so-called republics. All countries are ranked according to their levels of public sector corruption on the basis of around a dozen world institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, etc.

    The highest scorers of the MENA in 2016 are as expected member states of the GCC countries with Qatar and the UAE as top notch.

    The report found that low ranking countries usually have some sort of cause to effect relationship between corruption and inequality.  It said these factors lead to unequal power and wealth distribution as contrary to general belief is most found in the republics part of the MENA.

    Conversely, it highlighted that countries with higher rankings tend to have “higher degrees of press freedom, access to information about public expenditure, stronger standards of integrity for public officials and independent judicial systems.” [ . . . ]



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