Expatriates rights in Kuwait

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According to the latest Expat Insider report by InterNations , Ecuador comes out on top as the clear winner of the Expat Insider survey.  It occupies first place in the Personal Finance and Cost of Living Indices: 91% of the survey participants are generally satisfied with the cost of living and 80% say the same about their personal financial situation.  But the quality of life is also relatively high. In this index, Ecuador occupies the top rank for Personal Happiness. Respondents are generally satisfied with their personal life and their romantic relationships.  Leisure options also seem to be abundant in Ecuador, as 94% of respondents give them a positive rating.

Kuwait ranked 64th surprisingly outranking Saudi Arabia that is 61st and Qatar at 54th.   This article examines Kuwait, which is generally believed by many to be the worst country of the GCC’s to be an expat in. The report is based on responses from 14,000 expats in 160 countries and the categories measured quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, personal finance, and overall satisfaction living abroad.  As a matter of fact, expats were asked a wide range of questions about their life and impressions of their adopted country and the results were charted.

Also according to this report, Bahrain comes out first of the GCC at 12th, closely followed by the UAE at 19th.  Kuwait ranks last in the overall country ranking.  This is largely due to its low results for personal happiness and in the Ease of Settling-in Index.  Expats in Kuwait do not think it is easy to settle down there, make friends, or feel at home.

Only 5% of the survey participants feel completely at home there, and only 7% find it very easy to make local friends.

53% of respondents are unhappy with the general friendliness of local residents. The opportunities to find new friends also leave a lot to be desired for one-third of respondents.

Unfortunately, the situation is similarly grim when it comes to the overall quality of life.  Many expats are not satisfied with the available leisure options, while others see their personal happiness suffering.  Only for the Job Security and Language subcategories does the country receive some decent results, making it to 26th and 25th place, respectively.

The following is a story that was very recently brought out into the open by the Algerian online press, i.e. Tout sur l’Algerie , TSA.

An Algerian airline pilot assigned to residence in Kuwait

By Nadjwa Khelil |TSA Actualité on Monday, 31 August 2015

Since the month of May, Mohamed Laoufi cannot leave Kuwait, saying he is victim of “blackmail”. Kuwait Airways (KA) where worked this Algerian pilot refuses, following his resignation, to grant him permission to leave the territory of Kuwait.

According to Mr. Laoufi, the company has in fact assigned him to residence by confiscation of his travel documents.  The Algerian national application “to be reinstated in his rights and allow him to return to Algeria.

The mishap of Mohamed Laoufi started with his resignation that was motivated by strictly professional reasons.  Reached by telephone, he said: “I had to receive a salary increase in 2008 thanks to a directive from the Kuwaiti Government.  Everyone in my class had been increased except me.  For seven years, I have exhausted all administrative procedures to claim my increases but in vain.  Thus feeling aggrieved, I decided on 2 May 2015 to resign and return to my country.

According to Mr. Laoufi, the fact of having relied on, for his resignation, “the ground of the “non-application of the Kuwait Government’s directive to increase his salary”, was not “tolerated” by the managers of KA’.  My managers in fact have wanted me to waive my rights away, annuity and right to leave Kuwait.  I refused to abdicate”, he detailed.

Mohamed Louafi, ended up ‘blocked’ in Kuwait where his family also lives.  “The Embassy of Algeria in Kuwait was informed through the official channels and involved to enforce my rights, but there has been no follow-up to date,” deplores the pilot.