Canada ranked as the world’s best 2014 medical tourist destination, according to a new index.

It is the International Healthcare Research Centre (IHRC) and the Medical Tourism Association (MTI) which developed the idea of measuring the attractiveness of the different destinations and / or  countries using a set of three key criteria together with all 34 other accompanying factors related to the destination environment, medical tourism industry, facility and service quality.

Canada came out at the world top destination, because of its specific provision of the most economical, secure and suitable environment along with an acceptable healthcare system.  It was immediately followed by the UK and Singapore in second and third respectively.

The report adds that this is to demonstrate that the global medical tourism industry is flourishing in a background of an estimated $100 billion worth market.

It added that, “despite this notable market size and growth as well as the increasing number of countries promoting and branding themselves as medical tourist destinations or their underlying cities or medical facilities, there is not a domain‐specific and statistically sound measurement system,”so as to comfortably process such a comparative analysis.

Top 10 Medical Tourism Destinations for the year 2014 are :

1) CANADA with an MTI value of 76.87 out of 100

2) UNITED KINGDOM  MTI value of74.85 out of 100

3) ISRAEL  MTI value74.17 out of 100

4) SINGAPORE  MTI value of 73.96 out of 100

5) COSTA RICA  MTI value of  72.78 out of 100

6) ITALY  MTI value of72.01 out of 100

7) GERMANY  MTI value of 70.69 out of 100

8) PHILIPPINES  MTI value of 70.66 out of 100

9) JAPAN  MTI value of 70.4 out of 100

10) FRANCE  MTI value of 70.22 out of 100

Dubai of the UAE was ranked 17 out of 25 countries in terms of its attractiveness as a global medical tourism hub, according to another but more recent index.

Regionally, Dubai is aiming to become the hub for all matters of healthcare set itself last year an ambitious target to attract 500,000 medical tourists mainly from Russia, the CIS, South Asia and other GCC’s by the 2020 horizon, hence the emirate’s medical tourism strategy that was phased in 2 periods with the first up until end of 2016 and the second to 2020.

“By 2016 we expect a 15 per cent jump, bringing the total number of tourists to 170,000 and the revenues to Dhs1.1 billion and by 2020 if we consider a 20 per cent jump, it brings the number to 500,000 tourists and revenues to Dhs2.6 billion,” Ramadan Ibrahim, director of the health regulation department and the director of the medical tourism project said in an earlier statement.