Doha Metro offering superior experience to travellers

Its stations are as conveniently located as possible

West Bay Central, Doha

West Bay Central, Doha by  Ben Van Berkel

The forthcoming Doha Metro will offer greater benefits to travellers than the Dubai Metro, thanks to its better connections to nearby developments, according to Qatar Rail’s chief technical officer Daniel Leckel.

The Metro system, which is scheduled to open in 2019, will learn from the shortcomings of the Dubai Metro, where stations are located too far away from travellers’ intended destinations, he said. For example, Dubai Metro users currently have to walk around 1km from the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station to the actual mall entrance, and then another kilometre to the base of the world’s tallest tower.

Leckel confirmed that regular meetings are being held with developers and other key stakeholders, in order to make sure that the Doha Metro stations are as conveniently located as possible. In some cases, travellers will have to walk several hundred metres, for example at West Bay Central Station. However, in cases like this, a hop-on, hop-off bus will be provided to help commuters finish their journeys in comfort.

It is expected that the Doha Metro will dramatically reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the city when it operates its first passenger service in 2019. Up to 500,000 vehicles are expected to be taken off the roads each day, thanks to the four-line metro, which will eventually link up to a planned freight rail network.