District Cooling expands in the UAE and the Gulf ?

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The Middle East region recorded the addition of a further 7 million m² to district cooling systems in 2014, according to the latest International District Energy Association) IDEA’s report on growth in district cooling energy.

District cooling as per EMPOWER ENERGY SOLUTIONS http://www.empower.ae means the centralized production, distribution and delivery of cooling energy (chilled water) through an underground insulated pipeline network to office, industrial and residential buildings to cool the indoor air of the buildings within a delimited district.  Specially designed units in each building then use this water to lower the temperature of air passing through the building’s air conditioning system.

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, said these figures reflect the remarkable growth and huge potential for the district cooling sector in the years to come.

Studies of all related statistics indicate that District Cooling uses 40 to 50% less energy than conventional A/C (air-conditioning) systems that normally could account for nearly 70% of a building’s power requirement.

Today, District Cooling serviced and running total building space that was added since 2004 amount to approximately 110 million m² according to IDEA’s recent report, mostly in the Gulf’s region where understanding and interest in the efficiencies of the centralised cooling system are stronger than other regions.

According to A. Bin Shafar, CEO of EMPOWER, District Cooling has emerged as the ideal option for air-conditioning acclimatisation in the Middle East due to a variety of factors, such as low noise, less prone to breakdowns and minimal maintenance, adding :

“The evidence of an upward Gulf trend toward district cooling is a positive sign and will ensure better service to people with less harm to natural resources.  The use of less fresh water, minimised energy consumption and round-the-clock service make district cooling the best of known alternatives.”

And, according to Bin Shafar, these developments will enhance this technology’s importance towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future.  “The Middle East will continue to invest in this field for years to come.  We are confident the region will record more impressive growth in the upcoming IDEA annual reports,” commented Bin Shafar.

The world’s premier district cooling conference will return to Dubai, UAE on December 14-16, 2014. Organized by the International District Energy Association (IDEA) and hosted by Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), this will be a “must-attend” event for district cooling providers, real estate developers, hotel and property owners, master planners, system designers, efficiency experts, contractors, consultants and government stakeholders

A seminar with focus on “Cleaner Energy, Greener Cities” was held in December 2014 in Dubai which according to its programme provided “peer-to-peer learning, sharing of industry best practices, updates on technology innovations and deep exploration of proven approaches to capture efficiency in community-scale energy and water use, especially for the harsher climates of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia with all leading equipment suppliers, systems integrators and consultants from around the globe will exhibit and participate and system tours of world-class district cooling facilities were at hand.”

Will there be another follow on seminar and when?

Amongst other seminars, FLEMING GULF is arranging a 7th Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit, details of which could be found at  http://energy.fleminggulf.com/district-cooling-qatar/request-agenda-short-thank-you-no-type .

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