Data centres of the future

Over the next 10 years, organisations that are able to leverage big data, and have it interpreted intelligently, will have some competitive edge. This could give rise to new business models, built on large scale and real time analysis of huge amount of data.  In fact, big data always meaning more storage resources, is nowadays cheaper, therefore allowing its storing, handling, etc. in bigger than ever data centres.

In today’s hyper connected and digital world, the data centre has become the quiet machine that is keeping the world tick unobtrusively in support of not only the global economy but also that of all those organisations, great or small.

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research organisation estimates that global data centres spending is anticipated to around $143 billion by 2015.

For the future technology in the data centres of today, business applications no longer monolithic, must on the contrary continue to grow and diversify so as to meet all demands arising from business.  Processed data is expected to increase by a factor of four (4), therefore requiring computing resources to be more reliable, secure and powerful to handle ‘Cloud’ storage and the all new “Internet of ‘Things’ (IoT).”

IoT is believed to be on the verge of transforming business generally as well as at the same time dramatically increase demands on the data centres.  Today, as the volume and speed of data continue to soar, the data centre of which many experts report 5 billion connected in use ‘things’ go through this year and 25 in 2020.

It is also predicted that possibilities that are offered by the IoT are virtually limitless.  Its potential in improving business operations are invaluable.  For the time being, something is sure in that the IoT will be widely adopted and this will in turn definitely impact the future data centre.