According to University World News of Issue No:142 , Canada and Algeria have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop bilateral cooperation in higher education and research. This agreement was signed in Ottawa by Algeria’s representative of the National Commission of Universities and the representative of the Canadian Bureau for International Education. Generally, Algeria and Morocco strengthen higher education ties with Canada but obviously not only within the Francophone sphere but also with all of the country’s other provinces.

The memorandum will “devise a partnership programme to meet the development needs in the Algerian sector of higher education and scientific research, and to encourage and facilitate inter-university conventions on mobility of doctoral students and lecturer-researchers, as well as establishment of research networks around targeted themes”. This is following a February conference held in Tlemcen where 300 Canadian and Algerian presidents of institutions, experts and directors from the two countries met to discuss  terms of reference of a training programme for Algerian university teachers, and a list of academic and research projects that could be done jointly.

Meanwhile, the French-speaking Université de Moncton has opened a bureau in Casablanca. This bureau is unique in North Africa and aim to be a base for the university in Morocco, but also an information and resource center for Moroccan students interested in enrolling at Moncton (specifically information related to applications for admission, advance registration and visas). Morocco is the second most represented country in Canadian universities from the region.

Its principal objective would be to inform future students and help them put together applications for admission, advance registration and visas.

Raymont Théberge, rector of Moncton, said 70 Moroccans enrolled every year at the university, which “today counts 200 Moroccan graduates. It is a priority for us to get closer to our future students and make available all the information they need. The opening of this official bureau therefore marks the beginning of a good affair.”

The Canadian ambassador, Sandra McCardell, stressed the importance of education as a sector of collaboration between the two countries, and said Morocco was the second most represented country in Canadian universities from the region, reported APS.


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