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MENA-Forum is a global professional services for all built and non-built environment of the Middle East and North Africa regions.

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MENA-Forum is all about Sustainability Development

 “Sustainability” is :

Development of the Environment with the efficient use of resources, the continual social progress, and the preservation of the local cultural heritage in the MENA region.

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And Providing Space for exchange of ideas & discussions.

MENA-Forum is also set up to assist in international exchange between all members of the MENA-Forum whilst allowing access to current and previous issues.  Non-MENA-Forum members can subscribe and join in the on-going discussions if they so wish.    They are most welcome.

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About Us

MENA-Forum was established with the objective of becoming the leading online information and discussion resource for anyone involved in the development of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The MENA region is economically diverse, encompassing both areas that are resource-rich, such as the oil economies in the Gulf, and those where millions of people still live on less than a dollar a day.  With this in mind, it is vital that the development of this region is carried out responsibly, sustainably and for the benefit of all people. With a population of 355 million, the MENA region has a young and educated population, a strong resource base, and economic resilience.  It will be a vital region in determining future global stability and prosperity.  This makes web-based forums for dialogue and exchange of ideas an ideal space within which each and everyone and all are welcome. [simple-social-share]


By supporting and enabling dialogue and professional exchange of ideas, better solutions can be achieved for everyone.


Two heads are better than one, so the saying goes. More creative and innovative solutions can emerge through the dialogue and discussion opportunities that we support.


With a history of political unrest in much of the MENA region, we understand it’s vital to carry out all our business in a clear and transparent ways.


We are passionate about the potential of the MENA region and hope this forum will provide a vital resource for all those who share our passion.