El Koutoubia of Marrakech

In Marrakech, a large industrial park devoted to biotechnology and all life sciences will be developed at costs estimated at more than €1.4 billion.   It will accommodate companies’ headquarters offices, centres of research, laboratories and residential buildings.

The Bio-X-Park project being a public-private partnership, will cover a total area of 300 hectares.  The project will be 100% private sector funded with the Moroccan government role will be to facilitate all planning, procedural arrangements of approvals, commissioning, etc. to the initiators of the Park.

It is designed to accommodate different sectors ranging from agriculture and agro-industry to food and pharmaceuticals research and production.  Cescoitalia, the Italian contracting company present in Morocco since 2003 and involved in various projects and in charge of the implementation of the project informed that no less than 3,000 workers will be at the site during the construction works.  Site works are scheduled to start early September and will complete by 2016-end.

The purpose and the particularity of the BIO-X-Park of Marrakech is to enable and bring together different companies working in various areas, all related to Life Sciences and Biotechnology so as to enable easy and coordinated research and development.

An international cooperation concept born within Pan-African development agreements that this project, as a perfect example will bring to reality.

Salvatore Torrente, director-general of Cescoitalia indicated that “this great Park represents a pilot project in sustainable development and as such could serve as a model for other African countries.”  The Italian company is not short of ambitions, for other bio technology park projects are already under consideration in several other African countries.  Indeed other nations have expressed their interests for this type of Bio-Park.