The 4th MENA Higher Education Conference was held in Beirut, Lebanon, the 12-14th of May 2015.

The International Association of Universities, together with the British Council, UNESCO, ISESCO, the Arab Association of Universities and the Universities Association of Lebanon partnered with the World Bank and the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) in the 4th MENA Higher Education Conference.

The focus was on information sharing and improvement of institutional governance.  It formed part of the WB-MCI project which has introduced the University Governance Scorecard Project to 100 universities in the region. This project helped institutions to self-review their governance practices and develop action plans to implement improvements.

The WB-CMI will soon introduce an online version of the Scorecard and involve a larger number of universities. The goal is to transform the current network of participating institutions into a community of practice for sharing good practice and innovations. The IAU Secretary-General took part in the first plenary with the Minister of higher education of Iraq and the Director-General of higher education in Lebanon.

All conference presentations are available on the CMI conference website: CMI poster 1