Investment in infrastructure . . .

Trade Arabia  informed in an article dated October 15, 2015 that $22bn investment in infrastructure for Bahrain in a four year programme are planned.  Bahrain is set to invest in a whole range of infrastructure projects over that period, Kamal bin Ahmed, Bahrain Government Minister and chief executive of its Economic Development Board (EDB) revealed to the local and international media.

The infrastructure development will include not only the Bahrain International Airport modernisation, the Durrat Al Bahrain expansion and the development of Al Jazair Beach, but also the expansion of the Aluminium Bahrain industrial production plants and all the modernisation schemes currently being carried out by Bahrain Petroleum Company, amongst many others.  For instance, the modernisation of Bahrain International Airport currently underway will increase its capacity from 9 to more than 14 million passengers / year.

“These are important investments that promise definite opportunities for international investors as well as their ensuing relationship building up and strengthening with the country.

“These infrastructure projects are part of a wider effort that basically aim at diversifying the economy, and above all at drawing quality investment, so as to support long term sustainable growth, create quality job opportunities, and raise the standards of living,” the Minister said adding:

“Our current focus is to ensure that the positive economic outcomes of these projects are experienced in the country through cooperation between all involved parties and all related government bodies so as to implement them in a timely manner and their positive effects can be reflected on the national economy in the quickest possible time.  Moreover, working with the different concerned parties will definitely make sure that we are able to meet the required goals of each project”.

Bahrain in support of its economic growth, is also investing in other sectors, including housing and its accompanying infrastructure; 40,000 new housing units, along with investment in education facilities that represent one of the country’s priorities is in fact included in the dedicated $10bn GCC Development Fund.