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Iran and its world’s biggest bookstore

Iran and its world’s biggest bookstore

This article of the World Economic Forum on one of the development streams of today’s Iran covers perhaps its least known realisation. Iran unlike all other Gulf neighbouring nations having millennia based history knows that for any real development to take hold, only a “knowledge-based economy” could do. In its search for results of tangible socio-economic progress, a decision of the former and recently renewed government is being concretised as a fuller recognition of the role of knowledge and technology in economic growth.  This is Iran and its world’s biggest bookstore as described in the proposed article of the WEF. Knowledge, as based principally on reading could be embodied in this massive investment in an asset meant for sustaining the country’s “human capital” and its enrichment through education and culture. 

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Environmentally Responsible and Resource-efficient

Per Wikipedia, Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

In fact, in the Middle East, concerns for anything green were second to that fundamentally frantic development of buildings and all related infrastructure to nevertheless greater and greater awareness of their various environmental impact.  As a matter of fact, the brunt of all development was and still is located in the Arabian Gulf where carbon footprints of any urban agglomeration were recently assessed to be at critical levels.  Elsewhere in the Middle East apart from the large conurbation of Cairo, Damascus, Bagdad, Beirut, etc. things were less acutely perceived but still not exactly as clear of any criticism as one would have hoped.  Hence this ecoMENA write-up that elaborates fairly well on the subject.

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Saudi’s riches conceal lack of decision making

Saudi’s riches conceal lack of decision making on every single item of the country’s main current worrisome concerns. For instance, in Keep OPEC out of Wall Street published by Journal of Energy Security of July 19, 2017, we were informed that for the past several months two of the world’s leading stock exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) – have been competing over the listing of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, in what would be the largest IPO in history. 

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IoT in the GCC for a Brighter, more Sustainable Future

The situation in the GCC countries is improving after moves to compromise were made by all parties.  Business as usual is soon to be had and in so doing the Internet of Things (IoT) would be top of everyone’s agenda, public and private organisations alike. This has like everywhere else the potential to unlock in the GCC region up to 11% driving all economic growth in every country, according to A. T. Kearney’s latest report on the IoT in the GCC for a brighter, more sustainable future.  AT Kearney is an American global management consulting firm that focuses on strategic and operational CEO-agenda issues facing businesses, governments and institutions around the globe. 

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Algeria to fully play a major role in the region

A visit of Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations in Alger, Algeria today and tomorrow is notably to reiterate the EU support to the country in differentiating its economy.  This is in a way to acknowledge that Algeria to fully play a major role in the region, it is bound to reform.

So as per the European Commission, ahead of the mission, Commissioner Hahn said: “The European Union will continue to support Algeria in its efforts to diversify its economy and modernise its business environment. The EU-Algeria Partnership Priorities adopted earlier this year put a strong emphasis on economic matters. It is now time to translate these priorities into concrete actions and reforms”.

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Increasingly Plummeting Cost of Renewable

Further to our “Something” could happen on the Paris Agreement, here is what could be a follow on  variation on the same theme but this time with a comforting feel that after all our future will not depend on the whimsical behaviour of one individual but rather on the increasingly plummeting cost of renewable energy.

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Government to help struggling farmers in Qatar

Qatar is a small peninsula covering an area of approximately 11,000 km² off the eastern cost of Saudi Arabia. It has like all countries in the region of the Gulf, the world’s highest daily insolation or sun exposure and irradiation. The country has also few natural underground water resources that are all supplemented by numerous desalination plants. With or despite that, the Government to help struggling farmers in Qatar has to face not only these natural challenges with respect to water scarcity mainly due to unreliable surface and fresh water sources but geopolitical ones as well. These are of having to recently experience it neighbors’ blockade of almost a month and a half on all of its in-trade by air, sea and land. It therefore is now seriously envisaging the development of using its lands as reported on by Shabina Khatri of Doha News.

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