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Security and Development: Ten Truths on the Algerian Economy

Security and Development: Ten Truths on the Algerian Economy

The Prime Minister has highlighted in his speech to the National Assembly, this September 21, 2017, the general lines of his comprehensive economic program. This present and brief analysis is a contribution to the debate by recalling that the amended Law on Money and Credit states that “the Bank of Algeria may, within the limits and under the conditions laid down by the Council of Money and Credit, intervene in the money market, including buy and sell government securities and private assets eligible for rediscounting or advances”. Now, the new version allows the Bank of Algeria to “lend directly” to the Treasure. In our view, this would imply as far as Security and Development: Ten Truths on the Algerian Economy.

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Five ways ancient India changed the world – with maths

It should come as no surprise that the first recorded use of the number zero, recently discovered to be made as early as the 3rd or 4th century, happened in India. Mathematics on the Indian subcontinent has a rich history going back over 3,000 years and thrived for centuries before similar advances were made in Europe, with its influence meanwhile spreading to China and the Middle East.
As well as giving us the concept of zero, Indian mathematicians made seminal contributions to the study of trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic and negative numbers among other areas. Perhaps most significantly, the decimal system that we still employ worldwide today was first seen in India.

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An Algero-Russian Joint Commission

What prospects for a balanced economic cooperation ?
A meeting of the Algerian and Russian intergovernmental commission was held in Algiers on September 18 to 20. An Algero-Russian Joint Commission whilst meeting political convergences and acknowledging Russia’s as well as Algeria’s efforts to stabilize the price of oil, a call was launched for a widening of cooperation based on a closer and win-win sharing partnership.
The concerned sectors are particular areas of professional training, scientific and technical research, industry, transport, civil nuclear and of renewable energy.

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The IMF’s outlook for the MENA region

The IMF’s outlook for the MENA region has become over the years some sort of a report of a year’s economic policy result assessment of each country. Generally, and despite the on-going unrest in parts of the Arab world and in its neighbouring countries, the near-term economic outlook is very much subject to uncertainties of the global economy. Lower oil prices and production volumes are felt to have led to obviously lower growth in 2017 for most of the region’s oil exporters. These latter have over time past given some boost to the economies in the region.
The role of the International MonetaryFund as an overseeing organisation is undeniably helping to have a view at one’s country’s performance from as it were a certain distance. As a global organisation, its main function is to help stabilise exchange rates and provide loans to countries in need. It has previously in its Economic Overview of the MENA countries came up with the following . . . .

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Those seeds from the Fertile Crescent

Mark Schapiro as an investigative journalist specializing in the environment wrote this article for The FERN’S AG INSIDER to bring us this alluring piece of news coming out of Syria for a change. It is about those seeds from the Fertile Crescent coming to the help of the world of hunger. Here it is with our compliments to the publishers..

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In GCC Countries, Waste Water Challenges

A piece of news that almost passed unnoticed a couple of days back was about Kuwait confronting like everyone around in the GCC countries, its own waste water challenges. It has decided to set up a new ‘green’ treatment plant.  It was all over the local and regional media. Indeed, and according to a Trade Arabia citing a report, the Kuwaiti authorities suddenly came out with plans to develop a new eco-friendly treatment plant.
It is planned for the area south of Al Mutalaa district of Kuwait and will have a capacity of about 400,000 m³ a day. Here are some excerpts of the local press.

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The Climate Catastrophe We’re All Ignoring

The Climate Catastrophe We’re All Ignoring is a light hearted article published on Friday, September 15, 2017 by Common Dreams elaborated by Jeremy Lent on the dreadful situation we found ourselves in. Jeremy hits the right melo-dramatic not by starting with :
As fossil fuel-based economies continue, millions are suffering around the world.
The picture above is of Flooding in Bangladesh that has submerged a third of the country. (Photo: British Red Cross)
Imagine you’re driving your shiny new car too fast along a wet, curvy road. You turn a corner and realize you’re heading straight for a crowd of pedestrians. If you slam on your brakes, you’d probably skid and damage your car. So you keep your foot on the accelerator, heading straight for the crowd, knowing they’ll be killed and maimed, but if you keep driving fast enough no-one will be able to catch you and you might just get away scot-free.

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